Aaron Rose Wedding Filmmakers

“My name is Matt, my company is called Aaron Rose Wedding Films… I am a wedding filmmaker and I love what I do.”

Destination Wedding Videographer Matt Brady

About me:

I love life! I love music, art, books, good food, great company, and the best of times. I am an easy going and fun loving guy, who likes nothing more than long walks in the park with my American Akita ‘Poppy’, eating spicy veggie food and traveling the world documenting weddings.

In my life ‘before weddings’, I worked as a musician and audio/visual production specialist. Working on projects for many well-known names within the music industry (Coldplay, Ken Nelson, Paolo Nutini, Feeder, Echo and The Bunnymen, and OMD to name just a few).

My in-depth academic study into the realms of audio and visual art has led to me gaining both a BSc in Broadcast Technology and an MA Master’s Degree in New Media Production. I have worked as a cameraman for both ITV and the BBC, and on a multinational advertising campaign for Mizuno sportswear.

I have also trained with wedding film industry leaders from across the globe in the art of creating emotive wedding cinema.


I specialise in real. You should always feel free to be yourself: both the romantic, mushy side and the goofy, fun side. I’ll be sure to capture the many sides of you in a way that’s relaxed and genuine. I specialise in real smiles, in real moments, in real people.

My approach to shooting wedding films is based on three core principles:

1. The best footage is natural footage, so I will not interrupt the natural action or direct the subjects.

2. Natural action is captured best when unnoticed, so I will remain discreet at all times.

3. Use the minimum amount of equipment to complement the shoot and to abide by the first two principles.

These principles, when followed allow me to create unique and special wedding films, films that will truly capture the uniqueness of your wedding day. I don’t just cover weddings –  I make natural wedding films.

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I class myself as a Cinematic Documentary Wedding Filmmaker, and I have developed a unique shooting style that is relaxed and discrete. Using minimal equipment, I look to capture the action as it unfolds without direction or interruption. Blending in with guests and staying low key at all times.

Using skills from my musical background, I fashion a synergy between the soundtrack and imagery, creating an emotional and individually styled wedding film that tells the unique story of your day.

I don’t follow trends in current editing styles so my films will remain timeless and watchable for years to come.

YOUR wedding film will be unique, unique as you, unique as your wedding, and most importantly it will be filled with emotion.

My clients are just like you: people in love, who want to celebrate that love with the people they care about. They’re not up for a wedding day full of a film crew and stress. They just want to look good, have fun, and have heartfelt wedding film that brings their wedding day memories back again and again.

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“…stunning, a true work of art.”