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I know it’s my calling as I can’t stop or help myself from getting creative in both my work life and my downtime.


So… what’s the story?

Hi and welcome to the Aaron Rose story page. I’m Matt the face and creator behind Aaron Rose Wedding Films. A hat wearing, whisky sipping, dog loving, beard totting, film geek.

I’m a passionate guy, lover to many things: life, long morning walks, guitar driven music, and to the giver of life… freshly ground coffee. You do like coffee right? I love it! We should have Zoom chat over a coffee to discuss your day sometime soon. It would be great to speak to you.

My passions outside beard growing and and exploring the world of whisky and hats are mainly in the creative sphere, with filmmaking, music and photography being at the forefront of my mind, most of the time. This has served me well on my creative endeavours so far, as my love for whisky, beards and hats has not brought me the commercial success I have found with filmmaking and music.

Over the years my documentary video work has been aired on both ITV and BBC and I have worked on a world wide video marketing campaign for Mizuno sportswear and my continuing music passion has seen me doing my thing on the John Peel stage at Glastonbury and working for record producer Ken Nelson (Coldplay, Paolo Nutini, Feeder, Gomez, Badly Drawn Boy).

Who’s Aaron?

So who’s Aaron? Aaron Rose is the coming together of a great wedding filmmaking name and the desire to have said name be at the top of any alphabetical list. The moniker Aaron Rose came after long brain storming session with a friend in regard to branding, that lead to a discussion about how you would get a name to the start of any alphabetical list. Eureka! And in a poof of enhanced inspiration, Aaron Rose was born.

Film-making is a big part of my life and I’m now over 2 decade’s into my creative career and with over 400 wedding films under my belt, I’m happy to say, I still get a massive kick out of creating special wedding films for my couples. Wedding filmmaking is in my blood! I emphatically LOVE this creative endeavour. It’s not a job. It’s more than a job. It’s more than a job because it’s all about connection. Connecting with my couples wants and desires for their wedding film, and connecting with their inner story. Connecting with people. This is how I get to understand how I will approach shooting each unique wedding.

Couples who seek me out don’t just get a wedding videographer. They get a highly experienced wedding professional who goes the extra mile. Need me to start a little earlier? That’s not a problem. Need me to stay a little later, because the schedule has over ran? Then that not a problem either. Communication and connection is key and I’m all ears to your wants, needs and desires.

Matt D Brady of Aaron Rose Wedding Films

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When not shooting wedding films…

I embrace many types of creative endeavours, and find myself with a camera or musical instrument in my hands most of the time.

I know it’s my calling as I can’t stop or help myself getting creative in both my work life and my down time.

This brings me to my second love of making music videos. The wedding films I create, inspire my music videos, and the music videos I make inspire my wedding films. It’s a perfect circle of influence. Check some of my recent music video work below.


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“Following your heart is the best way to happiness.”