I hinted at expanding my blog to be a bit more than a portfolio for my wedding film making. I want to use the platform to get a bit more off my chest and let the readers into my world.

So this is going to be my first blast and jotting down my brain farts.

So without further ado… ladies and gentleman of cyberspace, girls and boys… let’s get blogging.


Wow, what an age we live in. Our current development as a species is astounding. It’s crazy how fast things are changing, personal tastes are evolving and life expectations are rising. The technological advancements we are seeing are simply mind-blowing. The information age is in full swing, so hold onto your hats because this ride is going to get quicker and quicker.

The world is a smaller place than ever before. Social media connects the world like the neurons connecting in the brain.  A Facebook post can travel the world in minutes, going viral with 1/4 of the world’s population seeing it.

The world is flooded with videos and images. Images are digitally altered to be better than the flesh and blood. The mind is manipulated by nuanced use of televised propaganda. Shameful acts of a blatant misrepresentation of facts are touted as truth spew from newsreaders mouths across the planet. Real news. Fake news. Advertising. Propaganda.

Belief is diminishing. Honesty a scarce resource. The real is becoming harder to find.

Where lies the truth?

Who to trust?

Where to turn for friendly advise, given without an ulterior motive.

In this fast-moving environment its hard to give everything we see or read the full attention of our critical brain.  Untruths and falsehoods enter into our thinking without our knowledge of how they got there. We are systematically programmed to think inside narrow parameters, set by big business and corporations.

You’re not pretty enough!

You’re not slim enough!

You’re not desirable enough!


Well, I am here to tell you that you are. You are good enough. You are good. You are. YOU!

The individual is unique, so express that in everything you do. Be whatever you want to be. Reach for the stars as the sky is to close.

Stay true to your path. Let your light shine for others to see.

No time for regrets. No time for worry. No time.

Embrace the moment to be in the moment. Be in the moment. A moment to just be. Just be. Be.



A sane voice in a crazy world