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I’m drawn to filmmaking that can transport me. Film can immerse you, put you there.

The above quote has me thinking about how I shoot your wedding day film. I argue that good wedding filmmaking can draw the viewer in, and can immerse them into the story. Virtual teleportation into the scene, into the emotions and feelings of that scene.

I believe that a good wedding film can do that. A good wedding film should be the best tool a bride and groom could have to take them back to those amazing feelings they had on their wedding day. The sights and sounds of the wedding day captured forever in the wedding film. A good wedding film producer should strive to capture those special moments of the day and create wonderful memories for the couple.

At Aaron Rose, I have approached the art of shooting wedding films in a candid and unobtrusive style. The whole ethos of this approach is to go with the flow of the day and have only limited interaction or direction with the subjects. I understand that most of my clients are not actors and don’t want to be directed. I also understand that the majority of my clients want to be filmed discretely.  With my approach to wedding filming, you can rest assured that I will be both discreet and unobtrusive.

This discreet approach gathers the most candid footage and lets the wedding day tell its story to the camera naturally. Letting the wedding day flow with limited input from me allows the true emotion of the day to be captured and woven into a beautiful wedding film. I strive to transport the viewer back to the wedding day every time the film is watched.

Please contact me for more information on my wedding film collections , and prices.

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