I was honoured to be asked to be involved in this wedding. As the bride is a wedding filmmaker herself, and it was a thrill to be asked to create a wedding film for her.

The wedding was held at Carreglwyd Estate on the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales. The venue was well suited to the feel that the bride and groom had wanted for their wedding. A rustic farmhouse with a view over the lake and Tee-Pees for the reception.

The morning of the wedding was a complete right off with terrible weather, but that did not dampen the spirits of the guests. The wedding ceremony initially was to be held at the boathouse on the lake, but due to the bad weather conditions, the ceremony was moved inside the farmhouse. It was a cosy affair with the room jam-packed with guests. With so many friends and family in close proximity, we were guaranteed an emotional wedding ceremony.

As the day progressed the weather cleared and the rest of the wedding celebrations went to plan with no problems.

The wedding photographer on the day was Christopher Ian. His natural wedding photography style worked well alongside my candid filming style. We have worked well together in the past, is that we are both like-minded wedding pro’s and it was a pleasure to work alongside him again. He always has my back, and I have his, helping each other out over the day and ensuring we get the best shots possible for our clients.

So all in all a fantastic day was had by all involved, even the weather could not dampen the good vibes.

It always great to receive feedback from my clients: “We absolutely love them. Brought tears to our eyes. They’re fantastic.” and “Thank you so so much. So in love have watched them numerous times already.”

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