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I hear it time and time again that couples have no budget left for the wedding videographer. That they have spent the last of their funds on a candy cart or ice sculpture and have either very little or nothing in the budget for a wedding film. As such they will be having the local video guy do it (who charges less than an evening for two at the cinema), or Uncle Bob because he has a video camera, and what harm can he do!

Whether to have a wedding film seems to come and the end of a very long list of wedding day priorities. But why is this? Why does the wedding photography, the wedding cake and ice sculpture amongst many others come before the booking of a wedding videographer? Why do most bridal couples not regard a wedding film as a top priority?

It seems to me that it’s a hangover from all those cheesy wedding videos done in the 1980s and ’90s. We are now in early 2019 and technology has come a long way since the 1980s. This new technology and advanced shooting techniques allow the modern wedding videographer to remain discreet, whilst capturing your day in a cinematic fashion. This footage can then be crafted into a non-cheesy wedding day film. Admittedly there are still wedding video producers out there who are stuck in the 1980s creating poor quality films with bad sound and cheesy setup shots, but that’s not all of us! Wedding filmmaking is becoming a genuine film art.

If couples just thought about the benefits of the wedding film for a moment. The well shot and edited wedding film will capture the true sights and sounds of the day. The entertaining edit paired with well a constructed soundtrack will convey the emotions of the day for many years to come. A lot longer than 6 tier wedding cake, or white dove release.

At the end of the day what do you have left from the wedding day? The rings-the dress-the photography, and yes if you have it the wedding film. With the ice, sculpture melted, and the remains of the wedding cake in the bin all you have left are your memories of the day. Hundreds of my past brides have told us that the medium they use the most to relive their wedding day memories is their wedding film. They tell me it is viewed a lot more often than their wedding album, and now with social media, they tell us what a thrill it was to post and share with their friends and family.

So I hope this has maybe, just maybe made you think about where in your priorities the wedding film should be.

“A great movie should seem new every time you see it.”  ~ Roger Ebert

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