Of all the regrets over choices made planning their wedding day, we have found that the majority of brides regret not having their wedding day filmed professionally.

It may sound cliché but your wedding day is one of the most important moments of your life.  Attention is paid to important details in order to make the day memorable and special.  Yet after spending countless hours to create a perfect event, the memory can be ruined for years to come by well-meaning but inferior filming of your wedding day.  This is one of the main reasons why brides should consider getting their civil ceremonies or church weddings filmed professionally by a company that specializes in wedding video.

Preserving That Special Day for Eternity

Having your wedding professionally filmed provides you, your family and your friends, the opportunity to view your special day in the best possible light.  You can avoid awkward angles, bad shots and the shaky camera footage of an amateur by having experienced professionals film your wedding. Additionally, they can adjust their shooting style and equipment to fit the weather for outside weddings, or to deal with the challenges of interior lighting for church weddings and civil ceremonies held indoors.

Being Professional

Having your wedding shot professionally means that not only will the finished product look great but that it will be entertaining and thrill to share with friends and family. Here at Aaron Rose Wedding Films, we shoot in such a manner that you should not be too aware of the wedding film crew during the event.  We stay in the background and do not get in the way of the events as they unfold. We work well with professional wedding photographers and count many of them in our area as personal friends.

Fitting the Budget

Getting anything done professionally means that you have to spend some extra money.  But as it has been said many times before: after the day what do you have left to remind you of this special day? That’s right! The rings, the dress, the wedding video, and the photography. So creating some space in your budget to have your day filmed professionally would be a great investment for any bride. Companies often have varying levels of service which they provide brides at various price points, allowing them to service customers with varying financial resources.  Whether you are a bride on a strict budget or are sparing no expense for your wedding, you can find a great wedding video professional so suit your needs.

Check out this blog post on the Huffington Post website: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ariane-fisher/98-regret-this-mistake-af_b_3738817.html

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