Lancashire Wedding Videographer

True love stories never have endings.”  ~Richard Bach

There are a few occasions as special as your wedding day and as you take that first step on your journey through life together, the memories you create are ones that you’ll want to keep fresh for the rest of your days.

So what better way for these memories to endure than with the help of a high-quality, professional wedding film?

More and more over the past several years, it has become the norm to hire a professional wedding videographer to capture those precious wedding day moments.

Yet a good wedding videographer can be costly, and while many brides have no doubt that a wedding film is essential, there are also many who are torn due to the added expense.

So should you hire a wedding videographer for your special day? Consider the following points:


It Goes by So Fast: 

It’s sad but true, especially when you consider the hours of planning, the endless decisions and all the time and money you’ve put in, but the one thing you hear almost every bride say is that all went by so fast.

With a well-made wedding film, you can settle down quietly afterwards and take in all the details you missed, over and over again if you like!

For many brides, that alone makes a wedding videographer well worth it.


A Different View:

Video has come a long way and these days videographers use powerful, high definition cameras to achieve absolutely stunning footage that captures every look, smile and tender moment just beautifully.

While wedding photos are traditionally the go-to way of preserving your special moments, a great wedding film can add a whole new dimension to the way you remember your day by capturing the spontaneous and moving moments with a spirit and depth that still photos just cannot convey.


Capture the Sounds: 

One of the most vital things about your day are the sounds; the exchanging of vows, the toasts, the laughter and more.

A professional wedding videographer will use wireless microphones to ensure that every special moment can be clearly heard.


It Comes Highly Recommended: 

In a study conducted by the Wedding and Events Videographers Association (WEVA) it was found that 98% of newlyweds recommended filming your wedding; indeed those brides who hadn’t done so indicated that they regretted their decision.


The Kids Will Love it: 

And so will the grandkids! Your wedding film will be a high-quality memento like no other. A family heirloom that your kids and grandkids will absolutely cherish. A wedding video will allow them to get a feel for the spirit of the day in a way that photographs are just unable to do.

So while there are brides out there who admit to being a bit leery of video due to cost, the advantages of having professional, high definition footage shot by a talented videographer far outweigh the advantages of saving a few £££.

From preserving those magic moments to watch over and over again, to having a stunning reminder that will last the rest of your lives, having a wedding film made just makes sense.

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