Liverpool Wedding Videography

A wedding in my home town in the historic St. Nicks church looked over by the iconic Liver Buildings. I love getting the opportunity to shoot a wedding in my home city. City weddings are fab and Liverpool is a wonderfully picturesque city with lots of amazing architecture and amazingly friendly people. If you have ever been to the city you will of experienced the renowned  ‘Scouse’ charm and whit, much of which featured in the amazing wedding of Natasha & Joe.

Natasha & Joe had asked me to shoot their wedding and had told me that they wanted a easy going wedding film that expressed their unique bond with each other and their individual characters. I was only to happy to help them realise their wedding film dreams, shooting the wedding day in a free flowing manner and pushing the creative edge. A dream assignment for a Liverpool Wedding Videographer.




Natasha  & Joe had gathered their friends and family from all over the globe to join them on their epic wedding day. I picked up the days shoot at the bridal preps that over looked both Liverpool Cathedrals and was just a short walk to the church they were getting married St. Nicks. Natasha & Joe and picked St. Nicks, as they loved the location near the Liver Buildings and the stunning beauty of the iconic architecture.

The bridal preps location had lots of reflections and interesting lighting conditions for me to weave the magic, I just love shooting in these city centre environments. The groom and grooms men arrived at the church in a Rolls Royce then moved on to meet the guest for a quick beer at a local pub close by the church. I followed the guys for a couple of shots then moved on to capture the church and its surroundings.

The wedding ceremony was a celebration full of singing and a beautiful bible reading from Natasha’s Grandad. After the ceremony we moved onto the wedding reception being held in the grounds of a friends house were the events team had erected a stunning marque. With the sounds of a string quartet wafting through the air, the guest enjoyed champagne and canapes on the garden lawn. With guys all dressed in tuxedo’s they looked like they had just stepped out on a movie set.

It was a pleasure to work alongside Amy Louise the talented wedding photographer who brought her fun attitude and big smile to this fantastic wedding event.

It was an honour to be involved on such a wonderful wedding, thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me along to shoot your wedding day, thank you for trusting me with your memories. Big Love!


City center weddings are ace! They bring a whole new world of potentials into the wedding film. Inner city hotels often have have dramatic lighting opportunities and the hustle and bustle of a city centre adds its own unique vibe to a wedding film.

City weddings are hit with stylish modern brides and their guest’s love the easy to access central location.

Its not all a bed of roses when it comes to shooting city centre weddings with logistics for parking and traffic flow having to be took into consideration prior to the event. I have shot extensively across Liverpool and understand the logistic problems that may be encountered shooting wedding there. Having a local knowledge of these cities helps immensely when planning the day prior to the shoot.

Cities have some of the most amazing wedding venues, stunningly elegant grand halls, opulent former gentlemen’s club, civic halls, cathedrals, towns halls, I could go on all day. And that’s just to mention the traditional wedding venues, you could go way off piste and get married in a bowling ally these day.

Wherever you decide to have it in Liverpool or Manchester, Preston or Leeds, I would love to hear from you. I have shot in many of the Northern Cities and would love to get out and shoot more of them. Your special day demands a memorable venue and Cities have these in plenty. Stunning wedding venue are not hard to find set in the heart of Liverpool and Manchester city centre, with so many perfect place’s for a couples to seal their love you are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a special city center venue to get married at.

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