I love telling stories, and I love the life my wedding filmmaking career has brought me so far. I consider myself to be truly blessed. Blessed to be involved in capturing people’s most treasured days. Blessed to work for caring clients. And blessed to be the bringer of so much future joy to these clients.

When I accept a wedding film commission, I know that the responsibility for capturing the emotions of the wedding day has been passed to me, a responsibility I take very seriously. A wedding is a one-off event of unrepeatable moments. These moments are sometimes fleeting, sometimes instantaneous but often heartfelt and genuine. It’s from these moments that forever memories are made.

I know that by capturing these moments in time and weaving them into an organic and emotional story, that I can bring real value to my clients. The true value of these films will be only recognised much farther on than now. As time go by, these films will become of ever-increasing value. A value that will only be realised with the test of time. The ability to return to the moment time after time is the true value of a wedding film. The memories will fade, the flowers will wilt, and the champagne will be long gone, but the wedding film will be forever. The wedding films I have the honour of creating for my clients will become treasured family heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation. Each couple receives a unique wedding film, that expresses the uniqueness of their wedding day. This creation of uniquely individual wedding films for each of my clients is one of the features I love about my chosen career.

I like to keep things fresh and exciting for both myself and my clients. So I do this by limiting the number of exclusive wedding commissions I take on each year. By limiting the number of commissions I take on, I can assure that I bring my ‘A’ game to every wedding I attend. I often get asked why I don’t shoot multiple weddings back to back in order to maximize profits. My answer is simple: creating unique and stunning wedding films for my clients is more important than maximizing profits. I have been a full-time wedding videographer for over ten years and I understand that profit is the lifeblood of any business, however, more importantly, a strong base of satisfied clients is essential for any long-standing business.

I recently met 2 of my former clients at a wedding I was shooting. I had shot their weddings back in 2007 and 2009. I was thrilled when they told me they had been referring me to their friends and family for all this time. You can’t beat recommendations from happy clients. They informed me that they still watched their wedding films at family gatherings and that the magic of the ‘wedding film’ still brings back the emotions of their special day to them when they watch it.

As I move forward with my wedding filming adventure, I often wonder where it will take me next. I have travelled far both physically and emotionally in my career as a destination wedding filmmaker and I look forward to the opportunities for growth that these adventures bring to me. Be it shooting a stunning sunset destination wedding or being involved in a wedding videography workshop, I am looking forward to it all.

Love what you do!