“You, sir, are a genius, this is BRILLIANT! I love it so much. Mate, you have outdone yourself! That is incredible!! I couldn’t love it any more. Thank you so much for taking that feedback on board and taking the time to make it absolutely perfect for us. Thanks so much again, it really takes us back to the day and makes us so happy! Literally can’t wait to share them with our nearest and dearest.”

Unique Wedding Videographer

So what do I mean by alternative weddings? Are you getting married on a mountain? Or in forest? How about on a boat? Well that’s the sort of wedding I guess is what I mean by alternative. A quirky venue or outlandish backdrop to me in my book is an alternative wedding. Some folks get married during a sky dive or whilst scuba diving, the gloves are off when it comes to an alternative wedding, and I’m very much a fan and would love to be involved in any crazy weddings that my fab couples may have planned.

Couples who are planning a really unusual wedding a wedding reflects you as a couple often want a more out-there wedding film. Well I would like to put myself forward for those sort of unique weddings. Super cool creative couples hitting a creative peak with an outrageous wedding that I just would love to film.

If your doing Unique then I’m your Geek wedding videographer who would be up for getting crazy shooting your wedding day.

“This is incredible!! Speechless! What a Christmas present! Thank you thank you thank you! We had the whole family around the screen pre Christmas lunch and we were all in tears! Thank you!!! You are so very talented! What a Christmas present to receive! We had the whole family around the screen pre Christmas lunch and we were all in tears! Thank you!!! You are so very talented! We literally could hardly fault it…it just captures our dream day perfectly…”

In my time as a wedding videographer I have experienced many different wedding day scenarios. It is the way of the wedding filmmaker to be ready to adjust your plans on the fly and be ready for the unexpected. This readiness to adapt to the conditions encountered comes to the fore front when one encounters uniquely different weddings that make you think twice on how to approach shooting them. These unique weddings are often the summation of many hours of planning by the couple to create an individual and fresh experience for the guests.

I love shooting these sort of events as they fill me with a nervous anticipation about how the day will run that seems to bring the best out of me. I must be an adrenaline junkie who feeds of the ‘unknown unknowns’ its these that keep you on your toes during a unique wedding.

Uniquely styled weddings are coming ever more popular with many brides opting for a more divergent wedding plans that move away from the traditional wedding. We have some of the quirkiest and most unusual wedding venues and I would love to here from you If your planning a crazy, quirky, unique wedding. Be it in a treehouse, seafort, mountain zoo or a windmill. I’m a big fan of these uniquely diverse weddings and would love to hear about your wedding plans if this is something you have in mind.