WOW! Just WOW. A five day Asian wedding, attend by friends and family from across the globe, a wedding celebration that kept on going and going. Seerat & Neveen’s epic wedding was a sight to be seen spanning 4 locations over 5 days. This wedding was breathtaking in its scope and detail and an honour to be part of as their chosen wedding videographer.

The following trailer only scratches the surface of events that took place over the five days of this epic wedding climaxing with an epic wedding dinner and party at Nunsmere Hall.

Shooting a wedding of these scope and length required a team of wedding videographers and wedding photographers. The team was put together by my good friend Caroline White and I was secured to provide my wedding film services to cover all the wedding film requirements for the 5 days.

The above film is spans the events from all 5 days in a short edit to set the scene for the epic series of films created for this Asian Wedding that had a run time of over 4 hours!

Indian Wedding Videographer

I loved shooting this wedding, the sights, the sounds and the amazing people made this an Asian Wedding to beat them all. The Hipswing Events Team really did knock it out of the park and made the wedding at Nunsmere Hall look amazing and run super smooth. Nunsmere Hall is one of the most beautiful Cheshire Wedding Venues and when paired with the vibrant colours of an Asian wedding it was a sight to be seen.
An extended marque was added to supply enough space for the guest’s and add to the grandeur of the event. The planning had all been done by the grooms dad and he had arranged an amazing 5 days.


So as you can guess with 4 hours+ of video content delivered to cover 5 days of celebrations the scope of these films is epic. If you are having an Asian Wedding then I would love to hear about your plans and I hope to join you at your epic wedding.
Team lead wedding videography and photography shot without distraction or fuss.