Marrying in church is a personal, meaningful, and spiritual occasion, with many couple tying the knot in the houses of worship, I thought it best to dedicate a page to Church Weddings.

Over the years I have shot 100’s of church weddings, you just cant compare the feeling of a church wedding with anything else. Lets discuss all you need to know about church weddings and blessings.

Churches are often special places to each couple with a family history of marriage, christenings etc, at the same church. This historical connection is special to family churches and can not be replicated elsewhere. A church is so much more than simply venue for your wedding they are often unique and special to both the family and the community at large.

A church wedding service will add a spiritual dimension to your marriage, bringing a familiarity and security to those who are religious. With meaningful religious vows that will strike chord with the conflagration, I have seen many a tear being shed during these heartfelt moments.