“Aaron Rose Weddings Films were hired to film our Wedding in Italy, because Matt creates the most emotive and unique films. I work as a Destination Wedding Videographer and his work is different from the other Videographers. All the work I viewed was outstanding. He puts 100% into his work. Also he doesn’t copy successful peers, he is his own man. He is original and very conscientious about all aspects of his film making process. I wanted an artistic and different Wedding Film that’s why I booked Aaron Rose for my destination wedding.”

Destination Wedding Videographer

So you want a destination wedding? You want to take all you friends and family to a location far away, you want to get from it all and chill during your dream destination wedding.

A destination wedding is often an intimate affair that brings people closer together, bringing those you love closer as a group increases the intimacy of the wedding. Destination weddings come with their own set of logistical planning issues a Destination Wedding Videographer needs to be taken into consideration before the wedding takes place. I love the planning of a destination wedding, and its always a real thrill to be asked to go shoot some destination wedding videography. Fortunately for all involved planning a destination wedding their are many articles online to help guide the booking process and many brilliant destination wedding planners to lend a helping hand if things get a little to much.

Deciding between destination wedding locations is a matter of the heart for most of my wedding couples. They often have emotional ties to the destination they choose, making the whole destination wedding film a lot more intimate to them.

My role as Destination Wedding Videographer is to make sure I have done my research, have the right clothes for the job and turn up on time and rock an amazing film.

 Destination Wedding Videography

I invite any of my prospective Destination Wedding couples to reach out and let me know your plans as I would love to be part of your wedding as your Destination Wedding Videographer.

Destination weddings can be planned with ease by following the trodden path of many UK brides who plan amazing wedding from the UK with a little help from the internet and our fantastic destination wedding planners. I look forward to hearing you plans be it Italy, Greece, France, Croatia, Iceland or somewhere a little further away… hit me up for Thailand, The Maldives or Mexico, I’m up for any destination wedding adventure you could send my way. I love it all.