So what is a documentary wedding filmmaker?


I class myself as a specialist documentary wedding filmmaker, and as such a filmmaker I get to flex my creative muscles using both powerful wedding cinematography, and compelling storytelling, creating wedding films that are engaging and narrative-driven. Documentary wedding film-making is a delicate art, bringing together artistic camera techniques with creative storytelling using cinematic syntax.

These films are assembled from natural footage captured without direction or compromising on the day’s organic flow. I keep the equipment I use to a minimum, ensuring I stay discrete throughout the day (in my opinion, this is the best way to capture the natural action). My discrete approach to shooting the wedding naturally is reflected in the films I subsequently create. When editing the wedding film I interweave all those moments I have captured along with a meaningful soundtrack, into a seamless storyline of the day, striving to create a visually compelling and narrative-driven wedding film. My films are timeless and narrative-driven, a true reflection of the event, full of emotion and drama.

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My objective is to get out there and educate brides and grooms that the wedding film doesn’t have to be very long and boring, or over in a flash without a core story being delivered. The wedding film can be an engaging and entertaining piece that you are proud to show your friends and family.

Good luck with your future weddings and feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line.

Documentary Wedding Videographer


Here is a brief sample from the opening scene from 2 of my recent films that showcase a little of what I describe above.