A Wedding Videographers thoughts and ramblings

A wedding videographers start has an end, every end is a new beginning.

This wedding videographers season is coming to a close. All my scheduled weddings have been shot and its the edit season. Its been a long season with many new experiences and adventures. This season has taken me over to Europe with visits to Greece and Germany where I got to flex the destination wedding videographer muscles once again.

I like to reflect on my progress as a wedding filmmaker at the end of each season, whilst checking that I am staying on my path and staying true to the documentary wedding videographers manifesto. My manifesto of intent keeps my wedding videography style within the parameters that I have set out that keep my style discreet, natural and true to the events. This time of year also brings opportunities to catch up on the editing and admin that stacks up over the busy shooting season.  So I will be blogging the season’s happenings and weddings as they role off the edit suite.

The end, but a new start.

I am going to approaching blog writing differently from now on, by blogging my thoughts and musing as well as weddings and adventures. So from now on some of these blogs may ramble a little as I get to grips with this new approach.

This brings me around to how I have been thinking recently; I have been thinking about how to approach the work/life balance to bring greater order to an often chaotic schedule.  Shooting wedding videography full time suits me on a creative level but is difficult on the family because of work commitments, and it takes a toll on the physical body with far too many hours sat down at the edit station.  So I am going to be getting a lot more exercise (yoga) from now on, to help reduce both the physical an mental stresses.

Did you hear the news and the fanfare? You never? Well, for the 3rd year running I have been nominated for ‘The English Wedding Awards 2017’ ‘Videographer of the year’. I will be attending the awards this year. and hope to bring the winning trophy back home. I will keep you all informed of the results.

I sign off wishing all the wedding videographers good health for the edit season. Remember to drink lots of water and take breaks over the edit sessions.