The Aaron Rose Story

“Please… strictly No-Cheese.”



Hi my name is Aaron ‘Matt’ Rose, more commonly known as Matt by my friends and the creative founder of Aaron Rose Wedding Films.

I’m a passionate guy, lover of music, strong coffee and classic films, a happy soul who loves what he does and does what he loves.

The filmmaking bug came to me later in life after I had completed my MA in New Media Production, gaining the MA set me off into the world of professional story telling. I’m now over a decade into this crazy career and with over 250 weddings ‘under my belt’ I still get a kick out of shooting weddings and creating special wedding films for my couples.

Wedding Videographer Matt Brady



Taking my visual influences from Street Photography and Art Films, I adopt a creative use of shadows, light, symmetry and reflections to create interesting visual compositions. I am a massive fan of symmetry in filmmaking and I’m always on the look out for symmetrical shots.

I try to give people a different way of looking at their surroundings, using my unique viewpoint of your wedding to create an emotive and entertaining film. I view each wedding with fresh pair of eyes and allow the unique day to inspire my creative vision.

Watching the action as it unfolds before the gaze of the lens, I find the story running through the heart of the wedding. It’s in caring for a couples individual story that ‘the film’ becomes the keeper of their story, and by bringing my artistic take on proceedings I get to make a film that is uniquely yours. That’s art to me.

I love minimalism in my life and my film-making, so I bring a simple and relaxed approach to filming weddings staying super ‘low key’ and discrete.

I shoot with a minimum of equipment, using a camera no bigger than a professional wedding photographer, allowing me to disappear into the background of the event. Simplicity is key. Discretion paramount. I capture the action as it happens so you can enjoy your day as you want to.

I want you guys to be chilled, relaxed, and stress free on your big day and I know my approach will have the least impact on your wedding experience. I simply introduce myself when we first meet on the wedding day, then I blend into the background of the wedding celebrations. Ninja mode engaged.

So if you love my style and approach, then I would love to hear about your wedding plans, fire me an email here.

“I am the Key, you are the Door.”