Wedding Videography

“Creative Wedding Videography, from the heart.”

Its been a rock n’ roll ride, from the stages of Glastonbury to working with a Grammy Award-winning record producer (Ken Nelson of Coldplay fame), shooting news articles aired on both ITV and BBC, and being commissioned for a worldwide marketing campaign for Mizuno sports. My career so far has been a diverse journey that has seen me develop and stretch as a storyteller.

Filmmaker, musician, producer, and educator… the list goes on and on, but they all have one thing in common. All these things come from my passion for music and the visual arts.

My wedding videography adventure started as a hobby when I was studying for my Masters in New Media Production, and it has grown with me ever since. I am now over a decade into this crazy career and I still get a kick out of shooting weddings and creating special wedding films for my clients.

For me, the ‘wedding film-making experience’ is about capturing my couples unique story that is expressed on their wedding day. This is a creative process I engage with from beginning up until the end when I proudly say “I made this film”.

Wedding Videographer Matt Brady



I like to present a fresh take for each of my clients commissions, so I approach each wedding with fresh pair of eyes and allow the unique day to inspire my creative vision. Watching the action as it unfolds before the gaze of the lens, I find the story running through the heart of the wedding.

Taking my visual influences from Street Photography and Art Films, I adopt a creative use of shadow’s and light, reflections and symmetry to create interesting visual compositions.

I use my unique viewpoint of your wedding to create an emotive and entertaining film. It’s in caring for a couples individual story, that ‘the film’ becomes the keeper of their story, and by bringing my artistic take on proceedings, I get to make a film that is uniquely yours.

I love minimalism in my life and my film-making, so I bring a simple and relaxed approach to filming weddings staying super ‘low key’ and discrete at all times.

I shoot with minimum of equipment to stay as low key as possible over the day. Many of my clients comment how relaxed they felt and how they forgot that they where even having a film made.

Using the minimum amount of equipment no larger than what a photographer would use, allowing me to disappear into the background of the event. Simplicity is key. Discretion paramount.

I capture the action as it happens so you can enjoy your day as you want to. No Direction. No script.

If you love my style and approach, then I would love to hear about your wedding plans here.

“I love documentary because it’s alive.”