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Here at Aaron Rose Wedding Films I often get asked what a wedding film teaser trailer is. My wedding teaser trailers are just that, a teaser for the main wedding film.

What are film trailers? Hollywood film teaser trailers are usually made for big-budget movies. Before a general release of a film, there is often the release of a teaser trailer. This trailer will be a captivating short introduction to the film. Their purpose is to let the audience know about their upcoming release, building the hype and the suspense. Trailers are often made while the film is still in production or being edited and as a result, they may feature scenes or alternate versions of scenes that are not in the finished film. Often they contain no dialogue and some have scenes made for use in the trailer only.  Some teaser trailers show a quick montage of scenes from the film.

The idea for a wedding film teaser trailers has come from cinema.  The idea is to whet the appetite of the viewer and create an air of anticipation and suspense for the upcoming release.

Here at Aaron Rose Wedding Films, I create Wedding Film Trailers for our clients for them to share on social media streams.

My wedding film teaser trailers create an air of suspense and anticipation for the main wedding film. The edits are short and punchy, creating intrigue without revealing too much from the main film. So I invite you to take some time out and watch some of our wedding video teaser trailers and see if they whet your appetite for our wedding feature films.

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