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“Gosh, you’re paying HOW much for wedding videographer?”

What is the true value in a wedding film? What is the price you will set for your memories to be captured forever?

Warren Buffett said “Price is what you pay, value is what you get”

So what do you get from a wedding film?

A former client of mine was spending 35% of her entire wedding budget on my wedding videography services. With a modest overall budget, she was prepared to spend over one-third of it for wedding videography. She had prioritised a wedding film over many other elements of her wedding day. She had placed more significance and importance on her wedding memories rather than on her wedding cars, bridal flowers or wedding favours.

Why had she done this?

She had decided to invest in the real tangible aspects of the wedding rather than the fleeting momentary wedding day paraphernalia. When you begin to plan your wedding, you have a long list of “must-haves”; flowers, venue, suits, stationery…etc. They all demand your attention and all seem essential to the “perfect“ wedding. Wedding videography if on that list is often low down. Why is this, whilst you are told in magazines and on blogs time and time again that you simply must have a video of your wedding?


Except is not a wedding video that you are after. It’s not just a video of your wedding day that you really want.

It’s memories and emotions. Beautiful moments in time recorded for you to relive and look back on for decades to come. Some moments you didn’t even notice, some forgot about within days of the wedding. These tiny fragments of time that otherwise would be lost forever. A wedding film brings the opportunity to relive the emotions you felt on the day that you will have long forgotten when you reach your 50s, 60s, 70s… It’s the ability to relive these emotions, the tears, the joy, the nerves, the first moment you saw one another, that tell us we are alive.

It’s about people:

Precious family members who may not be around in 20 years, your wedding film will record them as their vibrant and most beautiful selves. It’s the moments that pass between you both on that day, that may never pass again. It’s wrapping them up and beautifully in a wedding film. Keeping them to delicately unwrap in the decades to come for solace, comfort, reassurance.

It’s about sharing:

The sharing of memories with the newer members of your family as you reach old age. Sharing the experiences, the stories, the feelings, creating new memories and connections.

If you invest in your wedding videographer you no longer think of your wedding film as just another thing to add to the long list of needs for your wedding day, you stop placing it alongside sweet carts, table décor, and the wedding favours!

You see things differently.

You know it’s not the memories of your choice of chair cover sash you’ll cherish in 20 years when your grandchildren ask you about your big day. You know its the emotions that you will want to relive. You know its the people that may not be with us in years to come that you want to remember. You know that a wedding film will capture the people and the emotions in all there glory.

As the years fly past it’s your wedding film which you’ll reach for time and time again to remember the day by. The wedding film will be your first place to go to when a loved one passes, and you search out their likeness to embrace. It’s your wedding film that you will share with newer members of your family when they ask how you met and what your wedding day was like.

Everything else you will pay for, on your wedding day will be gone the very next day. (Except of course your wedding rings) The room décor, the food, the cake, the shoes and just about everything else is redundant after your big day. While you want it all to be beautiful, it’s beauty, its relevance is fleeting, it lasts just for the day itself.

Unlike your wedding film, that will slowly, year by year become more and more valuable and precious. It will take you back and make you feel the day once more, experience it, breathing it in, reliving.

The film will connect future generations with you and who you were, when you are no longer around for them to meet and get to know. It will provide evidence that you lived, that you mattered, that you loved and were loved.

Investing in your wedding film isn’t a luxury, it isn’t an extravagance.

When you invest in your wedding film, you are investing in your life, your memories, the proof of who you are and what you represent. The beautiful you.

To have something which connects you and others to the most beautiful, unexpected, and impermanent moments of your life is an extraordinary gift.

That is what wedding videography is.

What a precious gift to give yourself and those you love.